3 Major Benefits to Online Training

change-agility connection virtual leadership Nov 16, 2023

Humans crave community, and there is no denying the value of in-person, human connection. Body language, tone, and energy are all significant contributors to healthy communication. In fact, it is believed humans have the ability to exhibit over seven million body language signals, a quarter of a million facial expressions, five thousand different hand gestures, and over one thousand different postures.1 That’s a lot of physical communication! Through recent technological advances, we are now able to replicate many of these attributes virtually. During the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has been crucial to ensuring that family and friends remain connected. However, the virtual social boom was not limited to communication with loved ones. Virtual learning has quickly become the norm for children and adults alike. Although children may be heading back to the classroom, corporate online training is here to stay. Here are three key reasons why.


1. Flexibility

The first major benefit to online training is flexibility. Through online training, participants have the freedom to control their own schedules. Whether a participant flies through course material in no time at all or needs to take some extra care to absorb the content fully, online training can accommodate both learning styles. When exploring online training options, be sure to find training that allows individuals to fit education into their busy lives. This flexibility is especially crucial for adults who have children or family responsibilities that prevent them from easily taking time off to travel for training. Not only is self-paced online training perfect for those with families, but it is also ideal for busy professionals and organizations looking to grow talent from within. Whether it’s in the morning, the evening, or any other part of the day, the content is ready and waiting to be absorbed.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility empowers employees at all levels of an organization to advance their expertise, without the traditional barriers of time, cost, and travel. Online training is a much more cost-efficient form of training, due to the lack of travel and accommodations required to complete a course. Being cost-efficient makes online training more accessible for those on a budget, and more manageable for organizations to provide growth opportunities to everyone. The most convenient online training offers content that can be accessed anywhere, 24-hours a day, so long as there is an internet or data connection, making it ideal for busy professionals with limited time and money.

3. Connection

When done right, online training provides an opportunity to benefit from a wider perspective of participants. Where training was once restricted to a classroom with a limited demographic of participants, the possibilities for a diverse learning environment are now endless. When online training is able to offer cohort-based training, live webinars, and active discussion forums, participants have the opportunity to connect with others outside of their day-to-day communities. More than just a fun social exercise, diverse learning environments can produce more engaging, forward-thinking, innovative individuals, which is ultimately beneficial for both employees and their organizations.

Online learning will never fully replace some of the relationship-building aspects of face-to-face communication that come from in-person training. However, the right online training program will augment practical experience, all while increasing accessibility, flexibility, and diversity of perspective. That can make the difference between "business as usual" and offering more employees the life-changing opportunity to grow, contribute, and thrive



Drew Murray - Program Coordinator, eLeadership Academy

At eLeadership Academy, we harness insights from cognitive science to help you and your organization thrive. Our training is 100% online and mobile-friendly, self-paced and flexible, and includes a blend of engaging online teachings, real-world practice, interactive webinars, and group discussion. With eLeadership Academy, busy professionals of all leadership levels will develop the skills they need to lead better every day.



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