The Book on the Brain and Leadership

Through the course of Founder Sandra McDowell's studies the field of neuroleadership, she discovered an ironic truth: our mothers were even wiser than we thought! Your Mother Was Right demonstrates how most of the common pitfalls of brain function can be overcome simply by following mom's advice. Integrating truths straight from your mother's rule book, Sandra shows you how many of the lessons that your mother shared were legitimately rooted in neuroscience even if she didn't know it at the time!

This book will teach you how to lead yourself and others with the brain in mind, in order to optimize engagement and performance. Your Mother Was Right is an easy to read, relatable, and memorable experience that proves your mother had the answers all along. 



Your Mother is Right is a unique and insightful leadership book that connects self awareness, self care and the brain to greater leadership success. The 'whys' behind simple concepts and advice that we have heard before made sense... and made me think about my own personal habits that I need to work on! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new perspective on how to be an effective leader or someone looking for a book to recommend for their leadership book club!”

- Lisa S

I really enjoyed reading "Your Mother Was Right", it was well written with clever insights about how the brain is affected by some of our habits and how in turn this can impact our leadership abilities. I really enjoyed the part about mindfulness, in the information age it is truly amazing how often we are distracted by technology that is supposed to make us more efficient! This book has inspired me to be conscious of my brain health and make changes that can both improve my health and leadership!"

- Carolynn O

What a wonderfully written book. Written in the first person, it is like having a conversation with the author. Personal experiences lend such an intimate feeling and credibility. I'm sure we can all identify with the "15 Unexpected Lessons" - things we all know but need to be reminded of and take note of how they can relate to so many areas of our lives. This book is a valuable tool for the office professional as well as anyone else who deals with others on a day to day basis - namely everyone!"

- Libby M


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