Your credit union culture is only as strong as your leadership.

Build a high-performance culture with online, human-centric leadership training that works.


We offer individual and organization-wide leadership and coaching solutions.


Leadership training 

that works.

For better and worse, culture and leadership are indivisibly linked. Credit Unions need strong leaders who can shape a high-performing, inclusive culture in a competitive, turbulent world. Exclusively for credit union leaders, the eLeadership Academy provides accessible, relevant training to face these complexities and build leaders who are a force for good.


Ready for next level leadership?

This program dives into pivotal concepts such as emotional intelligence, coaching, change agility, brain health, and leading with head, heart, and backbone. With relatable content and weekly practice exercises, leaders can begin applying the concepts immediately to lead more engaged and resilient teams.

Developed for busy managers, eLeaderHUB provides access to monthly live webinars, micro-training, tools, self-assessments, and a community of like-minded professionals.  Participants receive bite-sized insights with  practical advice on how to become the leader that others love to follow. eLeaderHUB includes access to an annual Virtual Summit and EVOLVE Workshops.

Coaching fosters accountability, inspires action, and builds confidence in others by holding them capable. In eCOACH, leaders learn to shift from problem-solver to facilitator-of-problem-solving, with effective models for coaching and difficult conversations. It includes one-on-one mentor coaching and feedback. Upon completion, participants can enroll in sustainment programs.

This series of short courses helps leaders leverage the power of cognitive science to rewire the brain for increased performance and improved well-being. Participants only need to complete one eFOCUS course to attain the Leadership Series Certificate.

Fast track executive readiness. This succession planning investment helps organizations grow talent from within and prepares professionals for top leadership positions. The ideal incubator for leaders preparing to take on executive roles, those identified for succession, and those wanting to accelerate their executive leadership impact.

Elevate strengths. Reduce costs.

Build talent from within.

The war for talent is real. When organizations grow talent internally, they reduce the time and money required for recruitment and onboarding, and increase their ability to attract and retain high potential employees.

Get an edge.

Great leadership isn’t just about the heart or the head. It’s about the potential that is unleashed when they work together. Our unique programs teach the art and neuroscience of leadership, giving professionals the knowledge and tools they need to have the most positive impact.

See results.

With one of the highest completion and retention rates of any online leadership training, eLeadership Academy™ was designed to accommodate many learning styles. Through online discussion, live webinars, faculty feedback, and relevant curriculum, we help professionals develop leadership skills that translate to measurable success.

Save time.

Our online, flexible, multi-media blended learning approach is ideal for busy professionals who don’t have time to travel or spend semesters away from work. With weekly assignments, videos, recommended reading, interactive webinars, and group discussions, participants can log in, learn and network at their own convenience.

Save money.

There’s no need to leave town for lengthy training sessions or deal with the logistics of site-wide training. Our convenient online programs eliminate travel costs, days out of the office, and all of the added expenses that go with in-person group training. Best of all, your team can gain practical skills right away, without missing a beat.


A proven system for leadership development.

Our Leadership Series provides organizations with a blueprint for building leadership growth. An integral part of HR strategy for organizations, and a smart move for career-conscious professionals, the Leadership Series is a turnkey system to ensure that leaders have all of the tools and support they need. 


Our approach is:

  • 100% Online & Flexible
  • Human-Centric Social Learning
  • Taught by Expert Faculty, Coaches & Mentors
  • Experiential & Applied
  • Ideal for Busy, Time-Pressed Managers
  • Designed to Support Brain Health, Resilience, & Agility

Download the Leadership Academy Overview PDF and get all of the information in an easy-to-share format.


We have an exceptional completion rate with 100% of participants recommending the program to others.


“The eLeadership Academy™ has opened my mind to a whole new approach to management, both of self and of others. It has equipped me with the resources and tools to tackle the many issues that can come with people management in a more efficient and positive way. From as early as the first module you will see benefits to your personal and professional life. I would highly recommend this course to any leader wishing to better themselves and others. ”


- Darren O'Reilly

First Credit Union, Ireland

“Great course and content presented in a very easy learning manner and pace. Thanks, Sandra!”


- Bernard Marcoux

Vice-President Operations

"We enrolled all of our management and supervisors in the eLeadership Academy™ and found the program to be well prepared and presented. The faculty did an excellent job; the program and our organization continues to reap the benefits. It is a great program to take as a group and definitely worth the investment of your time and money."


- Brad Penner

CEO, Rosenort CU

"Leadership comes with a unique set of challenges. The eLEAD course provides strategies and the techniques that will serve you whether leading 5 people or 500."


- Andrew Girdner

Assistance VP CMLS Financial

"After many years of classroom learning, I finally decided to take an online course. I am thrilled to say I enjoyed every minute of it and feel more confident as a leader! I will miss receiving my weekly challenges, discussions, and mindful moments and insights. I will definitely be signing up for eCOACH!"


- Michelle Burrows

Branch Manager


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Whether you’re looking for group training for your team or professional training to advance your own career, eLeadership Academy’s expert-instructed programs help professionals build the skills they need to energize and inspire.



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