We love leaders. And leaders love us.

We’re proud of our exceptional completion rate, great feedback, and the fact that 100% of participants would recommend eLeadership Academy™ to others. And we’re even more proud to support courageous, human-centric leaders who go on to make a positive impact in their work and our world.

We enrolled all of our management and supervisors in the eLeadership Academy™ and found the program to be well prepared and presented. The faculty did an excellent job; the program and our organization continues to reap the benefits. It is a great program to take as a group and definitely worth the investment of your time and money.

- Brad Penner, Chief Executive Officer

The topics covered in the eLeadership Academy™ were not only incredibly relevant to helping me grow as a leader, they opened up doors of learning for me in many subject areas. I am excited to continue learning and growing as a leader as a result of my participation eLEAD.

- Jocelyne Rowsell, Manager Employee Development

The feedback that I received on my assignments was invaluable. This has been an outstanding experience and I have learned so many interesting facts and suggestions to improve my coaching capabilities. Thank you!!

- Leanne DeVliegere, Chief Operations Officer

Leadership comes with a unique set of challenges. The eLEAD course provides strategies and the techniques that will serve you whether leading 5 people or 500.

- Andrew Girdner, Assistant Vice-President

A terrific condensed "mini MBA" on leadership covering the bases very well.

- Pasi Pinta, Senior Vice President

I wish I had this course 27 years ago. I learned the hard way. Many of my ideas were confirmed, but many new ideas were introduced. Maybe the hard way makes me appreciate the course even more.

- Dan Friyia, Executive Director

Sound coaching skills are developed through the 8 -week eCOACH program. It was enjoyable to learn with other leaders and to share in their experiences. The faculty have created an online environment that encourages learning and provides opportunities for participants to practice their skills. The variety of learning methods kept me engaged and looking forward to the next module. This course has improved my ability to empower my staff and see results.

- Anne Marchildon-Wong, Training Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the academy. I was given an opportunity to grow my knowledge of leadership and have found myself using the nuggets I've gained on the job. The academy provided effective tools for discovering who I am as a leader and helping me identify areas of growth to be a more effective leader. I'm a better leader because of the eLeadership Academy™.

- Gena Teesdale, Senior Manager

I would highly recommend professional training with eLeadership Academy™. It was a marvelous mix of webinars and insightful articles, and I enjoyed participating with others during discussion forums! Well done! I'm looking forward to taking another course very soon.

- Donna-Jane Pollock, Executive Director


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